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AI & Thought Diversity

Artificial Intelligence is bringing more and more change to the workplace which is equally confronting and inspiring. For workplaces to continue to thrive, Thought Diversity will be a ‘human-centred’ that people and teams will need to continuously develop. In this learning series you will be able to work through a series of online learning courses that will help prepare you and your team in the topic of Thought Diversity.
Through a series of online courses and access to EMA’s People Experience Documents you will have access to the following:
eLearning Courses:
  • An introductory on – How to prepare your team for Thought Diversity.
  • Unconscious Bias.
  • Building Your Team.
  • Personal Effectiveness – Communicating for Success.
  • Aligning Culture and Expectations.
People Experience Documents:
  • Diversity and Inclusion Policy.
  • Best Practice Inclusion.
  • Best Practice Diversity and Equity.
  • Inclusive Leadership.
  • Framework for Inclusive Leadership.
By the end of this learning series, you will have a deeper understanding of how AI changes can be supported through embedding and encouraging Thought Diversity in your everyday life at work and home.


$450 + GST


$350 + GST

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