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AI & Analytical, Critical and Creative Thinking

Artificial Intelligence is bringing more and more change to the workplace which is equally confronting and inspiring. For workplaces to continue to thrive, Analytical, Critical and Creative Thinking will be a ‘human-centred’ skills that people and teams will need to constantly develop. In this learning series you will be able to work through a series of online learning courses that will help prepare you and your team in the topics of Analytical, Critical and Creative Thinking.
Through a series of online courses and access to EMA’s People Experience Documents you will have access to the following:
eLearning Courses:
  • An Introductory on – How to prepare your team for Thought Diversity.
  • Problem-Solving Fundamentals.
  • Courageous Conversations.
  • Influencing Others.
  • Building Positive Relations.
  • Assessing your Strengths, Interests and Values.
People Experience Documents:
  • Coaching Conversations Starters for Coaches.
  • Coaching Conversations for Team Members.
  • Coaching Quick Guide.
  • Coaching Agreement Template.
By the end of this learning series, you will have a deeper understanding of how AI changes can be supported through embedding and encouraging Analytical, Critical and Creative Thinking in your everyday life at work and home.


$450 + GST


$350 + GST

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