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AI Accelerator


AI for business educator and the Founder of NewZealand.AI Justin Flitter has been hosting The Future of Work Series with the EMA.

ou’ve experienced first-hand the practical knowledge and engaging conversations Justin brings. Now you can book Justin Flitter to present to your whole company, or executive team, advancing their knowledge, confidence and capability to leverage AI across the business.

More than 50% of businesses surveyed by Jarrod Haar from Massey University are actively up-skilling their workforce on AI and many of them are building a roadmap to integrate AI systems into their businesses.

Our two workshops provide a practical and cost effective pathway to help your business make informed decisions on where and how to leverage this remarkable new technology.

This session will cover:
  • what Artificial Intelligence is​
  • relevant use cases for AI​
  • examples of how Generative AI is changing the way we work​
  • the limitations and implications businesses need to consider using AI in their business​
  • the roadmap on AI enablement roadmap and how to get started​
  • examples of how your employees could leverage AI to increase productivity, generate new insights or create new digital experiences​
Pricing : $1500 per session / company
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Transformative Advantages for Your Business

For Business Owners

AI streamlines processes and automates tasks, reducing operational costs and maximising profits.

Strategic Decision-Making:

AI-driven insights provide you with the data you need to make informed and strategic decisions, ensuring your business remains agile and forward-thinking.

Market Leadership:
Being an early adopter of AI can position your business as an industry leader, attracting more customers and partners.

For Business Leaders and Managers
Enhanced Productivity:

AI takes care of repetitive and time-consuming tasks, allowing your team to focus on high-value, strategic work.

Improved Resource Allocation:

AI optimises resource allocation and project management, ensuring you make the most of your team's skills and time.

Better Employee Satisfaction:
AI can reduce the burden of tedious tasks, leading to higher job satisfaction and lower turnover rates.

For Your Team
Reduced Workload:

AI automates routine tasks, lightening your team's workload and enabling them to work more efficiently and with less stress.

Skill Development:

Your team can acquire new skills and expertise in AI technology, enhancing their professional growth and future employability.

Collaboration with AI:
AI tools can assist your team in their daily tasks, fostering collaboration and helping them achieve more in less time.

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